Very, Very Clever Virus

Dec 26, 2010

Hawrozon Laboratories, famous for their secret and dismal experiments, have announced the discovery of a new kind of virus that will help humanity to accomplish Space Immigration by the end of 2011.

Apparently, the virus will cause more than a billion deaths as an elimination process. Humuncli, as they named the virus, is caused by a tiny ameboid organism called 'plasmodium', which is transmitted via the Anopheles Mosquitoes. The plasmodium, is a particularly clever parasite which invades into the human body, changing forms while developing itself, infecting the blood and the liver and at the end, transforming into something else, which can infect the mosquitoes which they're bitting the infected human!...
The Humuncli parasite, manages to destroy the human immune system with the following incredible way:
It knows that our immune system detects the hostile microorganisms by determining the protein they produce, thus it constantly transforms its proteins. In this way, it survives inside the human organism, causing different symptoms.

One of the symptoms of this virus is the complete dematerialization of the human bones. "A human infected with Humuncli virus, will be completely boneless in six months and eventually dead because of Gravity, since it will be impossible to live without bones in an environment where Gravity applies". With this vision in mind, Hawrozon Laboratories plan to depopulate the Earth and send boneless humans in Space where Gravity doesn't apply.

They plan of releasing the virus sometime between the first and the second quarter of 2011. Humuncli's first symptom is extreme idleness. IF you feel in any way or form idle, lazy, heavy, cement, sleepy, inactive, lethargic, sluggish, useless, like you lived in a vast nothingness all your life, that means you have been Humunclied! It's okay! Don't worry! You just won't have bones (or skeletons in your closet).
The only thing you can do is to bite the bullet. Oh, I forgot... You can't do that, since you will have no teeth. No teeth at all...

Xenios Theocharous


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