There are People

May 1, 2011

I can't take it anymore with these kind of people! I fear they are almost everywhere. I'm sure you have met one of these pathetic lunatics. Let me explain, please. You try to construct a healthy, philosophical discussion with someone (who is in emotional segregation with every living thing but he/she doesn't know it yet, and of course neither do you) and you lay down some thoughts hoping and expecting to build a solid foundation for the discussion. And then it comes; it comes so fast you don't have time to react. You can't respond because you are in shock: “How dare you talking about these kind of things, when there are people in Africa starving to death?”. It seems that this extreme acts like a virus. (In a conversation when someone argues with extreme examples it is because they don't know how to build the foundation for a healthy argument, so they try to destroy, infect and demolish the discussion with the lowest form of a show-off.)

I take the time to clear up this mess so in the future you can avoid the lack of resilience I'd showed after the “people in Africa starving” extreme, which had befallen me. Under my supervision, I have detected a particular group of people who I find the only group worth examining (and trying to join). This group is not official, it has neither a president nor an office. The members know each other but in a special and unique way. The people in this group are facing extremes and difficulties every second of the day. They are fighting the longest and the most bloodshed and the most difficult War in all history. There are people who continue their predecessors' journey. These people are here. Can you spot them?

There are people who are against the three-piece-suit liars disguised as lawyers, the high-brow fatties holding a ruler thought to be teachers, the secret committees, the people with no shadow,  the paratroopers, the people who begin a sentence with 'Trust Me', the people with white coats, the red carpet people, the interrogators with yellow teeth, those who talk on the phone and cover their mouth, the open-mouth dogs licking their bosses' feet, the bare feet terrorists, the self-constructed collapses, the poisonous snakes inside the rabbit hole.

There are people who give white, bright drops (and sometimes tears) of hope to the black viscous mire of reality. There are people who dream and have visions, who perform miracles, who use eccentric technologies, who hold shiny, colorful balloons in the crowd, who are constantly sending requests to the Superconscious, who read rare books, who keep a compass in their pocket, who wear top hats, who march alone, who whisper secret codewords and passwords to the wind, who confront unjust acts, who focus the lenses and position themselves before taking a photograph, who build cities within cities, who have wings and timepieces with hundreds of hour and minute hands, who wear a crown of flowers, who use the functionality of objects to do different operations instead of those described in the user's manual. In other words, these people are the potential we see absent in the humonculi around us.

These people gave us the extraordinary yesterday and whispered to us 'Fear Not the Morrow'.

These people are those who smile at you when you feel lost, who are looking at the stars when everybody is in the gutter, who tuned up with the cosmic frequency and listened the muted loneliness of the gods when the others were trying to measure the length of their chain-bonds. These people are those who inspire you with their Αrt and make you feel, they are those who have a burning desire to explore, they are those who fight with a quill instead of a sword, they are the knights who killed the knave kings, they are those who drew all the enchanting paintings, and they recited poetry from the heart, and then, they created infinite worlds with their stories, and they took you by the hand, and they guided you with the celestial compass to a place where you left a magical imprint of emotions.

These people showed you how to connect the dots and they revealed to you that everything is connected with everything, and they asked you to join them. How long will it take you to say yes?

Xenios Theocharous


plainbananas said...

Nice blog and great entry!

The problem is, the people who use the example of people are starving in Africa, barely see the dots..

Father Gatherfield said...

Yes, they are a great disappointment to everyone, especially to themselves...

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