Ad Mysterium Series

I have recently inherited, through a series of unfortunate and unpleasant circumstances, a large collection of vintage and modern art projects of an enigmatic personality, who was hired by Jacques Bergier, creator of the Plan├Ęte magazine, five decades ago.

These art pieces have never been published before, until now, here, on this website.

As I dug through the documents concerning the artist's identity, I was only able to find his name: Theobaldos. That's it! I couldn't find any other information about this guy, whatsoever, but I intent to.

Ever since I laid eyes on Theobaldos' art, my dreams became nightmares. I've noticed an abnormal behavior in my cat. No birds fly outside my window anymore. My car keys disappear at night and appear in the cereal box the next day. I'm really, truly scared and I'm asking you, please, if you have any information about this guy, send me an email and write in the subject line: "The terrible curse that has befallen you".

Impressive how the inmates are running the Asylum...

Xenios Theocharous

Disgusting. I'm glad this ad never got distributed. It was meant to be shown on a private auction among wealthy people. I think the reason the ad got rejected was because of the typographic error of Soul Poison and Poison Soul.

Disturbing. The irony in the text was meant to be taken as a humorous touch, in order to persuade the client (the Army) to buy mass quantities of the product. I think that here the typographic error was intentional. In my understanding, the General, for whom the presentation was for, didn't have a sense of humor and got offended, and left the Mask Phiasco Company with 100,000 oxygen masks.

The company sold the masks at one tenth of the actual price as Halloween gags.

Sick! The darkest of the trilogy.

It was addressed to inmates facing the electric chair but it was canceled because the building of the printing company burned to the ground. Multiple irony here, I guess...